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DZ9170W:DeeZee Blue Label Truck Bed Toolbox - Wide, Crossover Style - Aluminum - 13.9 Cu Ft - Silver

MSRP: $783.42
Price: $699.95
You Save: $83.47 (11 %)
Item Number: DZ9170W
Manufacturer: DeeZee
Manufacturer Part No: DZ9170W
DZ9170W:DeeZee Blue Label Truck Bed Toolbox - Wide, Crossover Style - Aluminum - 13.9 Cu Ft - Silver

69-3/4" Long x 25-4/5" wide x 14-3/5" tall. Wide, crossover; contractor-grade Brite-Tread aluminum; integrated locks for security; ergonomic push-button latches and gas shocks for hands-free opening; sits 5" above truck-bed rails.


  • Contractor-grade, rustproof Brite-Tread aluminum construction
    • Wide, rectangular, crossover style
  • Ergonomic design sets this toolbox apart from other models
    • Easy opening with just the push of a button
    • Gas shocks provide smooth, controlled lifting and lowering of the lid
    • Adjustable lid strikers let you customize striker position and gasket compression, ensuring proper closure no matter how hard you shut the lid
    • Self-centering latches align perfectly every time
  • Locking push-button latches on either side of the lid provide security for your belongings
    • 2 Keys included
  • Secure, weather-resistant storage unit for your pickup
    • 1-Piece front, back and bottom and welded ends provide maximum strength and durability
    • Patent-pending, integrated Alumaguard body channel makes this toolbox super sturdy
    • Hidden hinge runs the length of the box, minimizing wear and deterring theft
    • Automotive-grade rubber bulb seal offers superior protection from water, dust and grime
  • Simple installation
    • Mounts to side rails of truck bed (hardware included) and hangs over truck-bed floor
    • Requires drilling on toolbox only - J-bolts secure toolbox to truck-bed side rails
  • Hat-style lid opens from front to back
    • Includes full V-pan support for rigidity
  • Removable plastic tool tray helps you to organize your gear
  • Clear powder coat finish
  • Made in the USA


  • Overall dimensions: 69-3/4" long x 25-4/5" wide x 14-3/5" tall
    • Add 1" to above height to determine clearance for the lid
  • Base dimensions: 60-3/4" long x 25-4/5" wide x 9-3/5" tall
  • Height of box above truck-bed rails: 5" (excluding extra inch for lid)
  • Capacity: 13.9 cu ft
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The DeeZee Way

DeeZee's commitment to "add more life to your truck" is reflected in the design of this Blue Label toolbox, which boasts a number of features that will make your life easier and maximize the life of your toolbox.

DeeZee's toolboxes consist of a 1-piece front, back and bottom with welded ends, which provides maximum strength and durability

Designed for Durability

One piece of Brite-Tread aluminum with welded ends makes up the body of this toolbox. By minimizing the amount of welding that goes into the box's construction, DeeZee diminishes the opportunity for cracks and leaks to form, thereby reducing the risk of toolbox corrosion and damage to your stored items. An automotive-grade rubber bulb seal offers maximum protection from water, and a patent-pending Alumaguard body channel bolsters the aluminum and helps to prevent warping. Full V-pan stiffeners reinforce the rigidity of the lid.

DeeZee's Blue Label toolboxes include push-button latches for easy opening and closing

Easy Opening and Closing

All Blue Label toolboxes are ergonomically designed with locking push-button latches, gas shocks and adjustable lid strikers. The push-button latches and gas shocks allow you to access this toolbox from either side of your truck with minimum effort. Simply push one of the buttons and the gas shocks automatically open the lid, so you can get into the toolbox even with both hands full. Integrated locks deter theft of your belongings. To reveal the hidden lock-and-key assembly, slide the cover of the push button upward. The toolbox includes self-centering latches, and adjustable lid strikers can be customized according to your preference. Just loosen the locknut on the striker pin and adjust the pin (horizontally or vertically) for perfect closure every time, no matter how hard you shut the lid.

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