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90500: DU-HA:DDri-Hide Shotgun Protector (with adjustable sling)

MSRP: $28.00
Price: $22.25
You Save: $5.75 (21 %)
Item Number: DUHA90500
Manufacturer: DU-HA Storage Solutions
Manufacturer Part No: 90500
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90500: DU-HADDri-Hide Shotgun Protector (with adjustable sling)

3-in-1: Protector. Liner. Gun Case.
DRI-HIDE's are water resistant gun protectors for your rifles and shotguns. DRI-HIDE's help protect your guns from nature's elements: water, moisture, dirt, and dust. Available in Nature's Perfect Camo™ patterns, featuring custom hand painted original artwork by wildlife artist, Jon Noack. • The 1st layer of protection for your guns
• Lightweight, easy-to-use case for protecting and storing your guns
• Durable waterproof + breathable fabric provides valuable protection against moisture, dirt, dust and other elements
• Does not retain moisture, making the Dri-Hide ideal for year-round storage
• Velcro® secured closure makes it easy to open and close
• I.D. tag allows you to easily identify your guns without having to remove them
• Use inside traditional hard or soft gun cases for further protection
• Adds an extra layer of rust and corrosion protection in a gun safe
• Folds and rolls up compact when not in use
• Protective flap helps provide quick protection for your gun barrel when it starts to rai

Whether you're out on the field or taking a break during the off-season, Dri-Hide's 3-in-1 protector, liner, and case makes it easy to transport and store your rifle so you can enjoy the sport of hunting.


Fits:    Shotguns without scopes up to 50" long
Camo Pattern:     Flushing Pheasants
Dimensions:     L 51" x W 7.5"
Part numbers:     90500 (with adjustable sling)


On-the-Field Convenience

Large opening lets you easily insert and remove your rifle

When opportunity strikes, you need your gun in hand fast. Inserting and removing your gun is quick and easy thanks to the large opening at the stock end of the Dri-Hide. It opens with a hook-and-loop closure (like Velcro) so you don't have to waste time fumbling with zippers or latches. Simply open the flap and slide your gun in or out. The hook-and-loop seal extends partially down the length of the case so you can snugly enclose short or long rifles without excess slack.

Use the adjustable shoulder sling while on the fieldA carrying handle is located at the top of the Dri-Hide

The Dri-Hide also has an adjustable shoulder strap and a carrying handle to make taking your gun out on the field less cumbersome. And because it weighs about a pound, the case won't weigh you down while you're out chasing game.

Folds up for easy storageClip to your belt loop

Once you remove your gun, you can fold up the Dri-Hide and clip it to your belt loop with a carabiner (sold separately) or stash it in your backpack or pocket to keep it out of your way while you're out hunting.

Protective flap keeps debris out of the barrel

The easiest place for water and debris to invade your gun is at the tip of the barrel. That's why the Dri-Hide has a handy outer flap that covers your gun's tip. This flap keeps water and grime out of the barrel when your gun isn't fully encased by the Dri-Hide. So if you're out hunting and it starts to rain, but you don't want to put your gun away, you can simply tuck the tip of the barrel into the flap until you're ready to shoot. Even in fair weather, you can use the flap to keep out debris.


Protective Gun Liner

You can also use the Dri-Hide as a protective liner when storing your gun in a safe or a case for the off-season. The Dri-Hide will give your gun an extra layer of protection from scratches while allowing any trapped moisture to escape - even in a highly humid environment.


Waterproof Construction Keeps Gun Dry

Dri-Hide's waterproof, breathable, multi-layer fabric construction is designed to keep your rifle dry. It does this by keeping moisture out while at the same time allowing any moisture that is trapped inside of the case to escape.

Waterproof, breathable multi-layer construction

The outermost layer of fabric is constructed of polyester and coated with DWR, a strong water repellent, which causes outside moisture to bead up and run off instead of soaking through. So your rifle stays dry, even if you're caught off guard by a surprise rainstorm.


The middle layer consists of a waterproof PTFE membrane. This membrane keeps outside moisture from getting in while also allowing any moisture that is trapped inside the case to escape. This keeps your gun dry and protected from rust, corrosion, mold, and mildew, even in highly humid conditions.


Then, there's the soft polyester inner lining that is the final layer of protection against scratches and scuffs for your gun.


Nature's Perfect Camo Design

Whitetail Racks pattern

Function meets style with this handsome design created exclusively for the Dri-Hide. The orange Whitetail Racks pattern was developed as part of Nature's Perfect Camo, created by wildlife artist Jon Noack.

Belongs To Label

Write your gun's make and model number and your name on the Dri-Hide's label to keep track of your gear. This is especially helpful on group hunting trips or if you're storing multiple guns.

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