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AIR400-272: Air Aid 10-11 Cold Intake System-FordRaptor&11-12F-1506.2LsFlow

MSRP: $365.00
Price: $335.00
You Save: $30.00 (8 %)
Item Number: AIR400-272
Manufacturer: Airaid
Manufacturer Part No: Airaid
AIR400-272: Air Aid 10-11 Cold Intake System-10-11 Ford SVT Raptor & 2011 F-150 6.2L
Tube Color Black
Tube Material Plastic
Filter Color Red
Filter End Cap Finish Black
Sleeve Color Black
Quantity Sold as a kit.

Airaid SynthaFlow CAD (cold air dam) intake systems supply your engine with maximum cold airflow for maximized performance! Their cold air dam design isolates engine heat away from your intake to keep the cold air flowing. Airaid CAD intakes feature SynthaFlow filters that are hand-made from multi-layered cotton gauze and the finest synthetic materials to trap the smallest particles of dirt. These oiled filters are washable and reusable and only need to be serviced every 30-50,000 miles, depending on the environment. The SynthaFlow filter is built with a hand-poured urethane body that won't crack, curl, or shrink like competitors' filters. Airaid SynthaFlow CAD intake systems use the stock air filter location, but add a boost with a huge air inlet that keeps more cold air flowing through the 360 degree filter. These systems maximize your horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. They seal directly to the hood and include all parts needed for an easy installation.

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