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Cargo Glide CG1000-9548 3/4 Slide Out 1000# Bed Slide - Chevy, Dodge, Ford , GMC , Nissan

MSRP: $1,113.00
Price: $955.00
You Save: $158.00 (14 %)
Item Number: CG1000-9548
Manufacturer: CargoGlide
Manufacturer Part No: CG1000-9548
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Cargo Glide CG1000-9548 3/4 Slide Out 1000# Bed Slide - Chevy, Dodge, Ford , GMC , Nissan


1000 Series Bed Slide (CG1000-9548) by CargoGlide®. Outside dimensions: 95" long and 49.25" wide. Inside dimensions: 94" long and 48" wide. Capacity: 1000 lbs. Total deck height: 3.75". Loading, unloading and accessing your gear has never been so easy, safe and fast - experience it with the CargoGlide. This over-the-top sliding tray features a solid steel frame construction with a laminated plywood deck which extends up to 65 % or to 75 %, making it the most convenient way to get all your tools, materials and products from the back of a pickup truck, van or SUV.

Notes: Drilling is required.
Product lines

    Makes loading and unloading your cargo a lot easier, safer and quicker
    Provides easy and convenient access to your gear from the back of your vehicle
    65 % of the cargo tray length slides out on short bed trucks
    75 % of the cargo tray length slides out on long beds
    1000 lbs weight capacity when evenly distributed
    Sturdy steel frame construction
    Real plywood deck with a laminated surface for superior strength and durability
    Equipped with industrial 4-inch high extruded 6061-T6 thick aluminum side rails
    Rails have a slot style infinitely adjustable tie down track around all the three sides
    4 adjustable marine grade tie down eyebolts make securing cargo easy and versatile
    100 % fully assembled


    1 Bed Slide
    4 full complement permanently sealed ball bearings
    2 powerful needle bearings

Tired of scuffing your knees and hurting your back after crawling in the back of your truck, van or SUV every time you need something out of your vehicle? When it comes to cutting-edge solutions for hauling and accessing all your gear, CargoGlide is hands down the best option for pickup truck, van, SUV and light commercial use. The CargoGlide features a sturdy steel-framed, real plywood deck with a laminated surface that offers the 65 % extension on short bed trucks and 75 % on long beds. This allows you to simply slide your cargo out of the back of your vehicle to reach hundreds of pounds of toys, tools, equipment and materials you need to play harder and work smarter.

The CargoGlide comes with bearings, including full complement permanently sealed ball bearings that provide reliable, long-lasting support for all your gear you and ensure that everything stays in place when hauled. The CargoGlide also features industrial 4-inch side rails manufactured from the highest-grade 6061-T6 thick aluminum for rock-solid strength and impeccable durability, with a slot style infinitely adjustable tie-down track around all three sides, and has 4 adjustable marine grade tie-down eyebolts that make securing your cargo easier, faster, safer and more versatile.

CargoGlide® is an established brand of truck, van and SUV slide out trays and accessories with state-of-the-art facilities located in St. George, UT. The brand supremely blends high-grade materials and innovate technologies with practicality and ease of use. Its flagship product, the CargoGlide, is designed and engineered to the finest standards of craftsmanship, and is the most efficient solution for loading and unloading cargo. The CargoGlide is the epitome of convenience when it comes to accessing your cargo. It allows vehicle owners to reach a bunch of tools, materials and gear from the back for pickup truck, van, SUV and light commercial use. CargoGlide models can extend from 75 % up to 100 % and handle from 1000 lbs to 2200 lbs of weight. You can also complement the CargoGlide with handy accessories that will maximize your cargo load capacity. more details on -

Chevy / GMC
1970-2019 Silverado / Siera Long Bed 8 Foot Bed
1970-2019 Ram 1500,2500 & 3500 8 Foot Bed

1970-2019 Ford F Series 8 Foot Bed

2007-2019  Tundra Long Bed

2006-2017 Titan King Cab Long Bed
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